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Cucciolo akita

Cucciolo akita

Cucciolo akita



HISTORICAL SIGNS: At first, all the canine races Japaneses were of small size or media and did not exist no race of large volume. From 1603 in the region of Akita, the Akita Matagi (middle dogs of size for the hunting all' bear) were used like dogs from fight. From 1868 the Akita Matagi had been crossed with the Shears and the Mastiffs.

Consequently the size of this race increased and the features associated with the type spitz had been losers.

In 1908 the fight of the dogs, nevertheless this was forbidden race was protected and improved like Japanese race of large size. It was so than nine marvellous examples of this race had been declared Natural Monuments in 1931. During the Second World War (1939-1945) was common use to use the dogs like source of fur for l' military apparel. The police ordered the capture and the confiscation of all of the dogs except the shepherds German that were used by military purposes. Some fascinated they wanted to they contravene all' order crossing their dogs with the shepherds German.

When the second world war ended, the Akita drastically had been reduced of number and existed in three different types: 1) Akita Matagi 2) Akita from fight and 3) Akita from shepherd. This created a situation very confused for the race.

After the war, during the trial of restoration of the pure race, Kongo-go, a dog of the line Dewa, them whose features showed l' influence of the Mastiff and of the Shepherd German, ebbe a period of short but enormous popularity.

Nevertheless sensitive and fascinated scholarly they did not approve this like true type and actual Japanese race so forced to eliminate themselves the outside blood of races doing crossings with the Akita Matagi with the purpose to restore the pure race native.

Are you succeeded so to establish the pure line of the race of large size known to the days ours.


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