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WHO ARE WE, or better, who is Vincenzo Culotta? Born in Cefalù in 1963, he has a passion and a love for dogs since he was an infant (first breed German Shepherd), in 1987 he buys a "Piccolo Spitz Tedesco (Pomerania)" and in February 1988 participates at the first dog show earning first place at Best Juniores. This episode gave him a greater passion for the exibitions and encouraged him to breed this race, so he buys his first dog for exibition in Italy, and he even imports some from England.
In 1988 he founded with others the "GRUPPO CINOFILO CEFALUDESE"; member of the Directors Counsel from the beginning, in February 1996 he is elected vice president of the group, and even to date still is. His passion and strength is rewarded in 1995 with the proclamation of "Italian champion" for a subject of piccolo Spitz, founder of his amateurial breeding "Orange Flowers". In 1996 he is affermed as expert of the breed, for the proclamation of "Italian Champions" for three subgects born in his breeding. There results, obtained with much labor, permit him, in February 2000 to be written in the Albumof Breeding Professionists" of ENCI (Ente Nazionale Cinofilia Italiana), being recognized by the FCI (Federazione Cinologica Internazionale) CULOTTA KEPHALOIDION.
 In 1996, if even being at the top point of his success with the breed "Spitz", he decides to made a change with his breeding, getting closer to a new breed, different by the moles, but similar in type, the Akita Inu, a dog of Japanese origin, belonging to the group of dog lovers 5° - dogs of spitz type and primitive type - asiatic spitz type.
In 1998 he becames joint owner of a magnificent exemplary of akita "Sekiun Go Suzuki", originally from Japan and imported from Tony Saporito with Sekiun, a male of the age four, if even a Japanese Champion is almost always classified in the first top places in the Italian exibitions. in the beginning meet difficulties of affirmation, because an exemplary of Akita "very different" from what the judges are used to seeing, nevertheless decides that this is the model of Akita and on this breed models his breeding, aware of future difficulties. This obstinary will be greatly rewarded. Infact, after only 27 expositions, on May 6th, 2000 in the gathering Akita of Palermo gained the last useful title for the proclamation of ITALIAN CHAMPION. But the greatest satisfaction arrives on June 21th 2000, to the World Dog Show 2000 in Milano where two japanese judjes will value 158 Akita. In the first selection with 39 others in open class the first Classified With - CAC - and declared ENCI CHAMPION 2000 is Sekiun Go Suzuki. In the second selection with the first classified in champion class and the first place of the intermediate class the first classified with - CACIB - and declared WORLD CHAMPION OF MALE AKITA 2000 is Sekiun Go Suzuki. In the last selection with the female World Champion 2000 the first Classified - BOB - Best of the Breed over 158 Akita (from all over the world) is Sekiun Go Suzuki. 




Our Breeding, Located in the countryside just outside Cefalù, Offers a natural habitat for our animals, guaranteed by a large green space And a comfortable structure complete Living area and bedroom.


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